Day 3 was the last day where we trekked because the 4th day was dedicated to bus rides back to Baguio. The first part of the trek was going to Cambulo which an ascent. You will encounter another forest which is as challenging as the ascent itself. This is because of the muddy trail and loose soil. The leeches are gone by this time but the bees are still everywhere. Reaching the rocky part which is another hard part because there is no vegetation and the gravel is very free. You will also walk across the rice terraces, where you can lose your balance while moving forward so you have to be really careful in walking. It will take you about 4-5 hours of trek before you reach Cambulo

Once you reach Cambulo, you can have your lunch because the trip there is very difficult. You don’t have to worry the next part of the trip because it will be an easy one. A bonus in this part of the trek is the beautiful view of the rice terraces. Cambulo is slowly becoming a tourist attraction. Every sweat and pain that you had for the past 3 days will be paid off once you see the grand rice terraces of Batad, which like an amphitheater. Batad is one of Cordillera’s prides that is why you can find a lot of souvenirs once you get there. We got there around 4pm and we went immediately to the Tappiyah falls because our group loves swimming, especially in between climbs. We ate our dinner and also slept at the inn. The next day, we went back to Baguio and ate at Evelyn’s Halal Foods, a good place to eat specially after a climb.