GPS Track for Mission Creek Regional Park is below. The track starts at the main parking lot off of Springfield Road and covers the south end of the park. Another post will cover the north end and all of its wonder soon. The following pictures and information are for folks who may be new and want to take the family out to Kelowna’s most incredible natural park. Also many old time residents of Kelowna are unaware of the many incredible natural wonders that exist in the park. I have taken a few amateur snapshots to help show what exists in this park and have shown them below and under that is the actual GPS track that you can download if you follow the embedded maplink. The park used a lot for races, GPS training, and geocaching enthusiasts. I parked right next to the Environmental Educational Center Okanagan.

Also right next to the EECO center is the new Mission Creek Regional Park Composting Education Garden.

Be sure to check out the EECO center! It is a “must see” as the displays are changed every three months and are phenomenal.
After checking out the Environmental Education Center, wander towards the Mission Creek Greenway (the greenway borders the North and West side regional park) check out the park info at the Gazebo and cross the main Mission Creek Bridge.

As soon as you cross the bridge you will be greeted with one of the most common areas to view the Salmon Spawing in September.

In the Gazebo, you will find tons of Salmon Spawning information and more. Here is a snapshot of one of the wildlife info bulletins. It tells of many of the wildlife viewing opportunities that aboud in the park.

After viewing the Mission Creek Regional Park info in the Gazebo on the East side of the main bridge, you will see the spawning area that runs along a great hiking trail complete with steps to higer ground, tumbling brooks, bridges, trail rails and lots of wildlife to view.

After meandering down past the fish spawning area, continue on until you see a trail large enough for a vehicle the heads up the hill to east and enjoy the squirrels as you make your way to the Hall Road Park entrance and the side trail to Evelyn’s Island.

The Hall Road entrance to Mission Creek Park as viewed from Hall Road in this photo.

Now as you double back into the park, veer south to Evelyn’s Island.
The photo above shows a viewing area or rest area just before you take the bridge to Evelyn’s Island. The log that is in the pond is usually full of Turtles: you can see the Turtle video I took of them.

Now all Dogs must be kept on leashes at all times when you are in this Regional District Park in Kelowna. I found this dog just sitting on the picnic table trying to figure out how to catch one of the many ducks. Now the sign, clearly says not to feed the waterfowl and I’m sure your not supposed to eat them either.

After exploring Evelyn Island, a real jewel of Mission Creek Park, I backtracked to the large trail then took a left to go and visit the Childrens Fishing Pond. And as I go, wouldn’t you know it, here is that pesky dog again, and off the leash! All dogs must be on leash.

After circling the Childrens Fishing Pond I meandered around the South end of park and checked out a couple of swamps and hidden foot bridges that are not very popular areas but can be very fun to visit.

And when you reach the old fence above, you know you are at the farthest south west corner of the park and almost back on the main trail that runs parallel to Mission Creek.

Finally as you make your way back to the main bridge, don’t forget to enjoy the creek as it tumbles over the fish ladders.