Mountain Pine Beetle

Free CampingMore than 40 percent of the recreation sites and trails have been impacted by mountain pine beetle. Dead and dying trees on recreation sites and trails presents a significant public safety hazards due to potential tree failure and windfall. In 2008 and 2009, the Federal Mountain Pine Beetle Program provided $1.435 M over the 2 year period to assist with the removal of hazard trees and fuel accumulation from impacted 200 recreation sites and trails. In 2008, 2009 and 2010, the Community Development Trust, Job Opportunities

Program assisted in mitigating impact of mountain pine beetle at recreation sites and trails. The beetle infestation continues to spread and field reconnaissance indicates that additional long term treatments are required to address public safety issues at recreation sites and trails.

Marketing Recreation Sites and Trails

Free Camping

Idaho Lake

Recreation Sites are an important part of the Province’s tourism infrastructure and play a key role in government’s goal of doubling tourism revenue by 2015. Recreation Sites and Trails are critical to growing the domestic tourism sector.

A Market Development Plan for Recreation Sites was developed in 2008. The name “Recreation Sites and Trails BC” was officially branded by the Province’s Public Affairs Bureau. Marketing products such as a new website, upgrades to the interactive web map, Facebook, display material, maps, and rack cards were produced in 2009 with funding from the BC 150 Legacy Fund.

The interactive map on the Ministry website assists the public in locating recreation sites and determining the facilities at each site (e.g., number of campsites, boat launches and other facilities). Information on trails is expected to be added before May 2011.