Derickson Lake hike has been on my mind awhile since my friend Ray Derickson has wanted to explore the area as he continues to renew the registered trap line business that has been in his family since the mid 1800’s.  Derickson Trap Line Maps

To get to the best place to start the hike, I had to find the snowmobilers cabin known as “Uncle Tom’s. From there we walked down the road crossed a creek that was a little too much for my two wheel drive Ford Ranger and and when my GPS told me we were within 700 meters of the lake, we left the road which was now marked with snowmobile trail markers and hiked through the bush to Derickson Lake.

Update – September 2018 – Derickson Lake is now stocked with trout!

Uncle Tom’s Cabin update – A new cabin has been built and the images above are old. We’ll keep em there for historic reasons. 🙂

I thought the lake would be more swampy but it turns out to be a very nice lake to visit. Probably no fish but ….who knows, leave a comment below if you know of anyone who caught a fish in Derickson Lake! After we circled most of the lake we followed the GPS pointer through the bush and let it take us back to the snowmobile trail and road to Uncle Toms. We saw 5 hunters in three groups, and I was only able to get 3 of them. …no not really but none of them nor I saw a single good sighting of game.