Baguio is known for its number of hiking and running enthusiasts, but another recreation that outdoor junkies love to do in this city is Biking. There are a lot of trails that you can follow when biking in Baguio City, of course there is the road which is the easiest if you know how to manage yourself in traffic. You can also bike to Mt.Cabuyao by taking the Green Valley route. If you want to bike in a trail with a lot of obstacles, then you should try Camp John Hay’s infamous Yellow trail. A lot of experienced bikers and runners take this trail because of its hurdles like fat roots, rocks and rickety bridges. Despite these hardships that you will encounter along the trail I can say that it is safe to attempt this route, because Baguio’s environmentalists try to maintain the area.

At the start of the trail, you will see a lot of horses because the beginning of the trail is located at the horseback riding station. There will be a lot of ups and downs and you will pass along a lot of pine trees while biking or even running in this trail. It is an 8km route but it can take you 3 hours to finish this trail if you are running.

They say that it was named yellow trail because of the stones that are found there. They say that these are dying stones though I don’t know if this is just a legend. You can also see a lot of panoramic views of the mountains of Baguio while you are in this trail. You will surely enjoy hiking this trail because of its peacefulness.

Remember to smile to a fellow biker or runner while you are following this trail, this is a common courtesy among the outdoor enthusiasts of Baguio City. Try not to litter anything while you are in this part of the area, this is one of Baguio’s most loved trails and a lot of running events are held in this area.