There are plenty of difficult climbs that you are going to encounter during your adventure as a mountaineer. If you know that you are going to a climb that is beyond your past experience, you and your team should set up a training climb. It is very important that you do this because it will condition your body for the difficult climb and it will help you prevent cramping in the actual climb.

In planning to climb Mt.Amuyao, the best mountain to hold your training climb is the Andolor trail of Mt.Sto Tomas or Kabuyao. Andolor is a very difficult route as I said in my past post. I can say that when you survive this trail, then you can definitely take on the Akiki trail of Mt.Pulag. Since Mt.Amuyao offers more challenge than the Akiki trail of Pulag, then I suggest that you quicken your pace in the Andolor trail.

The Andolor trail is a 2-day itinerary hike where you hike for 8 hours for the first day and then another 8 for the second day. If you really want to train for Mt. Amuyao, then you should try reducing your time to an hour or two. I tell you that this is very effective in climbing one of Cordillera’s four great traverses. You can do this or you can do the usual Andolor trek and the Kennon Road-Green Valley Traverse of Mt. Sto Tomas in a span of two weeks.