Paul Gerald is the author and publisher of many books Two of his outdoor books that give up many of Portland`s hiking secrets caught my attention and are listed below.

I enjoyed completing an interview with Paul and really liked his blog. His blog is located at and even has updates for one of his hiking guide books.

How and where were you introduced to the outdoors?

At a summer camp in northwest Wyoming. I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, but when I was 12 I got to attend a camp where we took trips on foot, horseback and canoe into the Shoshone National Forest, Absoraka-Beartooth Wilderess, and Yellowstone National Park. I went there three summers, five weeks per summer, and when it was over, I knew I was never going to live in Memphis my whole life.

What has been your favourite outdoor recreations area?

Lately Oregon, because it’s where I live.

Please share an outdoor story related to one of the above areas.

I walked the Oregon section of the PCT in 2005, in two trips spanning a total of five weeks. It was such a fun trip, with mostly good weather, and we met a lot of cool folks that we wound up hiking with. Plus, it was a great introduction to all the wonderful natural beauty of our own state.

Have you ever experienced a wilderness medical emergency or been lost in the wilderness? If so please describe this adventure and any lessons learned.

Thankfully, no.

Can you share any unique encounters with wild animals?

The best one was at that summer camp. We were on a canoe trip in Yellowstone, and while we were out on the lake fishing, we watched a big grizzly go through our camp, sniffing at tents and the firepit. It didn’t do any damage and never returned, but we sure didn’t sleep too well that night!

If not previously mentioned, have you ever completed a thru-hike or multi-day backpacking trip and what nuggets of wisdom did you glean from it?

The main wisdom I got from my PCT hike was twofold: one, weight really matters a lot, and two, that it takes me about a week to really settle into the groove.

What is your favourite outdoor website?
What is your favourite outdoor hiking gear store?
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