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Laura Battagliola has a short interview, but she is probably off to help the next person who may have hiked too far! Now, on with the interview…

How and where were you introduced to the outdoors?

When I was a child living and growing in Argentina it was all too natural to be and live in the outdoors, I was born with it.

What has been your favourite hiking / biking trail or outdoor area?

I have many, I enjoy and appreciate all that nature has to offer, in any weather.

Have you ever been lost in the wilderness? If so please describe this adventure and any lessons learned.

I got lost but follow instincts and can’t remember how I get out of situations, just remember that I was exausted.

Can you share any unique encounters with wild animals?

I saw a coyote and he looked right at me and did nothing, I never had any experiences that I can brag about.

If not previously mentioned, have you ever completed a thru-hike or multi-day backpacking trip and what nuggets of wisdom did you glean from it?

Never, would love to.

What is your favourite outdoor website?

I search Google when I want to get some info.

What is your favourite outdoor hiking gear store?

I visit various to see who carries what I need.

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