I met Dave Sightseer online and enjoyed his sightseeing blog. Here is one of his video’s that he took on a sightseeing trip in Yellowstone – Old Faithful Geyser – Eruption – Yellowstone National Park. Thanks for the interview Dave! It has been nice getting to know you.

How and where were you introduced to the outdoors?
I guess the first time was in Cub Scouts at about 10 year old. I was only on one camping outing. It was not until the Army that I learned much more about camping and hiking, and how much fun it could be. (Except for the occassional ‘mock’ attack on the Army hikes).
What has been your favourite outdoor recreations area?
So far, without a doubt – Yellowstone National Park. I am planning a motorcycle trip to Glacier National Park in July, so it may move to the top of the list soon. More about Yellowstone at SightSeeingReview.com.
Please share an outdoor story related to one of the above areas.
One of the fun stories about Yellowstone involve a hike down a 3/8 mile trail to the mouth of a waterfall. Although it was only 3/8 mile down, it seemed like 2 miles back up! Read more about this waterfall trip here.
Have you ever experienced a wilderness medical emergency or been lost in the wilderness?
The closest I came to a medical problem was camping in Wildflicken Germany in January. It was about 60 below zero and I came very close to frostbite. Luckily, there was Kerosene heat available and I was able to get blood flow back in my feet.
Can you share any unique encounters with wild animals?
I was bale to see eight Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone. One of them was very close. I have also seen several Black Bear in the Great Smoky Mountains. Read more at http://www.sightseeingreview.com/yellowstonenationalpark.php
What is your favourite outdoor website?
Besides http://www.sightseeingreview.com – I guess Gorp.com is one of my favorites.
What is your favourite outdoor hiking gear store?
Probably REI (Of course, outdoor gear can also be found at http://www.sightseeingreview.com)
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