I am planning for a 3 day kayaking trip in Wells Gray Provincial Park this coming weekend.  Just wanted to share some great hiking trail info about the area.

This site provides Wells Gray route information and is defined by the type of activity. Kayaking, Hiking, Camping etc.

This site is built by one of the park rangers and gives information about what you can enjoy on the way to Clearwater Lake.  It is called The Corridor Part 1 and the Corridor Part 2

Here is the Wells Gray Provincial Park website.

A map of the Clearwater Lake Area and Campground.

What’s a good short hike I can take (2 hours or less)?

Foot Lake

Placid Lake

Helmcken Rim Trail

Ray Farm-Alice Lake-Ray Mineral Spring

Bailey’s Chute-West Lake

Sticta Falls/Dragons Tongue

Osprey Falls Viewpoint

What’s a good medium hike I can take (1-3 hours)?

Placid Lake (Green Mountain) to Whitehorse bluffs

Pyramid Mountain –Majerus Falls

Clearwater Lake Lookout

What’s a good long hike I can take (3-8 hours)?

Battle Mountain

Flat Iron

Chain Meadows

Majerus Loop (bug spray please!)

Trails only for the very experienced and well equipped

The trail to be base of Helmcken Falls-steep and rocky

via corridor2.