I enjoy the seasonal display of snow crawling to lower and lower mountain elevations.  Sometimes I allow the dampness and cool temperatures to dissuade me from taking a hike but whenever I have questions about hiking trails sent in from hearty TracksAndTrails.ca visitors, I become enthusiastic enough to step up to get out and enjoy a brisk hike.  (possibly at a lower elevation though)

For now I just need help in confirming information on a possible  hiking / biking trail.

First the question, then my thoughts and finnally below some supportive info from Cyclepath and the Regional District of Central Okanagan.

Question: Hello.
Do you happen to know where the trailhead begins for Black Canyon Trail on the Westside? I found some info that said it was off Sandberg Road, but I started there and ended up on the Smith Creek Holy Pail MBike trail.

They show the Black Canyon Trail on the right side (the other side of the ravine from Glen Canyon Trail at the end of the Powers Creek section.
So, if you hiked to the end of the flume trail and then crossed over the creek and started somewhere around there that is Black Canyon Trail.
Also, it states under the Westbank Parks that the trail starts from Sandberg Rd. which seems like the right area, but I couldn’t find the trailhead.
Thanks for any info you can find
Do you have any info on the Black Canyon trail? Would appreciate any info you can give me.

Clayton’s note; After some initial research I have found that Black Canyon Dog Park exists at Sandberg Road and a Regional District “undeveloped park” called Black Canyon Park exists there.

Here is the description from the Regional District;

Black Canyon Park Open Space


Smith Creek/Summerside


Frontage on Both Sides of Sandberg Drive


From Westbank Town Ctr., north on Elliot Rd., right on Shetler Dr., left on Sandberg Drive.


1.50 hectares 3.71 acres

Hours of Operation:

Dawn to Dusk, this park is not yet open to the public


  • Trails

Inquiries to:

Westside Parks & Recreation Department
Tel: 868-5204
Email: recreation@cord.bc.ca

  Cyclepath biking trail information on the Holy Pail is pasted below. 

Please post a comment if you know this area.  (this is an area that I have not explored)

6) Smith Creek (The Holy Pail)
Smith Creek is an area of Westbank with a great loop located off Old Okanagan Highway.  This loop is one of the few that offer a great meandering single track climb instead of a fi re road accent. The trail snakes its way up the mountain on smooth, fl owing single-track with tight technical turns. Towards the
top of the climb the trail gets steeper and a little more diffi cult to climb, but by this point you are nearly up.
Once at the top drop your saddle and drop in. The trail is loose in mid summer so watch your speed. On the
decent you will be rewarded with small, fl owing jumps and technical rocky roll-downs. The trail is very technical
in places but most intermediate to advanced riders will fi nd it very ridable and super fun. Part way down
the decent is a great cliff line with a beautiful view of the canyon below and mountain ridge across from it. This entire loop takes about two hours to ride and most likely a little longer for intermediate riders. One of the areas best cross country rides by far.
Trail maps for the area are available at all the local bike shops in Kelowna and Westbank. Just ask for the “Trails of the Westside” map.