Tracks And Trails  has Trail Head pictures, maps and other information that Rangers have explored or have found out how to explore. is a website that first started to just cover Kelowna hiking trails.  That soon expanded to other trails of the Okanagan and as visitors began to increase into the thousands per month, the founder – Clayton Kessler – decided that more than just his own experiences could be shared and now other Canadian hikers adn campers can register by using contact page and have their hiking pictures and information  posted on the hiking blog.  Any individual hiking site promotional material is allowed and encouraged!

The Tracks portion of the name refers to Rail Road Tracks that have been converted to hiking trails as well as the joy of finding animal tracks in the wilderness and the determining of which animal they belong to.  A favourite outdoor activity of any child is to learn about animal tracks, specially when they lead to the animal in question so that it may be viewed in its natural habitat.

The Trails portion of the name “” is obvious.   Trails are all over Canada – from the Trans Canaada Trail that runs from coast to coast or the trail in city, regional and provincial parks and all throughout any piece of crown land with a vista or natural wonder of some sort!

Wherever your trail leads, fall may be one of the best times of the year to enjoy a Track or Trail and we who bring our experiences and information at hope you travel safe this fall and remind you to not forget your bear spray and tell someone which tracks and trails you are hiking on or looking for.