While Sandon now has (for just $4) top notch information and many incredible mining artifacts, rock samples, excellent lifelike displays, video in the museum along with excellent local talent to guide you along, I was a little dissapointed with the numerous areas (specially at the beginning of the town) of Sandon that are littered with …and this is really weird…old circa 1950 transit buses from Vancouver??? These buses and trolley cars cover an acre or so of land. There is other “junk” around that once cleaned out and replaced with more establishments like the museum and gift shop (I didn’t get a chance to step into the gift shop but it looked enticing) would make this town an excellent draw for tourists.

The most important point in Sandon for me was the trail head for the Idaho Lookout. I wanted to go up but the top portion was still covered in snow. A better time to visit for this trip to enjoy the Vista would be August.