I will lead a group of hearty souls willing to camp overnight for two nights into the Okanagan Highlands – Nuttal Lake area.

Please add a comment here or use the contact form to let me know. After reviewing the snowpack details I hope Nuttal Lake will be free of snow and I am booking the June 9th weekend for the trip. I just want to go and explore the area. The lake is between the elevation of 1600 and 1700 meters and has a few vista points around it that I hope will make good day hike destinations with Nuttal Lake as the base camp. On the drive up, there are great views of the entire city of Kelowna.


If you would like to take advantage of this fun training opportunity, please come prepared with proper clothing as temperatures considerably – usually about 7 to 10 degrees colder. Lots of non cotton layers and a good sleeping bag will be required.

While on the trip or before the trip over coffee at Tim’s, we will practice the following items and if anyone wants to meet for coffee to go over outdoor safety, survival techniques and the first two items below prior to the trip please contact me (if you have never backpacked, a meeting over coffee would be beneficial or if you want to co-ordinate safety and first aid gear) :

  1. Pre-Trip Planning and Preparedness
  2. Equipment and Gear Selection
  3. Compass and GPS Navigation as well as communication of location via ham radio
  4. Various ways of lighting a fire
  5. Water procurement
  6. Communications via Ham Radio (Call sign VA7CBK)
  7. How to keep warm
  8. Shelter Building
  9. First aid – Hypothermia
  10. Cooking
  11. Conquering boredom – there is to much to do to create a good camp so I can never imagine how boredom can happen…but apparently it does!
  12. Tracking, track identification
  13. Making Bush tea
  14. Enjoying peace and quiet while having a ton of fun.