After staying a night in New Denver prior to visiting Sandon, Cody, Alma and other ghost towns in the area, the Mori Lakeside Trail offered a very peaceful walk along the Slocan Lake shoreline.

The image above – found at the New Denver Museum – quote “This was the town known as Eldorado. Later it became new Denver when it was forecast it would become greater than its namesake, Denver, Colorado.

New Denver Information

By 1893, New Denver was established as teh western gateway to the silver country. Close by, Silver-Lead properties like the Mountain Chief, Alpha, California, Alamo and others contributed to teh general prosperity of the town. To the East, Sandon, Whitewater, Three Forks, Cody, and other mining towns beckoned.

Today, the original Bank of Montreal and a dozen other buildings from the turn of the century stand as mute reminders of the days when this town was considered the New Eldorado. (my note; the town is a nice reminder of the past and a handful of buildings look well looked after but to really draw tourists I suggest they mimick Kaslo and really bring out the history and culture by keeping the old buildings but restoring many more of them on the outside with a few new paint jobs.)