The Provincial website for recreation sites states that from Kelowna you can drive Beaver Lake Road to get to Ideal Lake, while this is true, please know that if you follow Philpot Road off highway 33 for 20 to 25 km, you will get there much faster.

Ideal lake rec site has campsites everywhere! There is even one group camping area with 6 fire pits – it is a big open area. As you drive to Ideal Lake – about .5 km prior to getting there, you will see a sign that says Belgo Dam Recreation site, that dam is part of Ideal Lake as well – very very nice campground on it with a couple of sites for free camping. When we were there, Tom had styrafoam plates stapled everywhere to point in the direction of where he was camping. Thanks to Tom, I now know where the best campsite is! Thanks Tom! 🙂

The following paragraph states the BC Trails description – a very good one – of how to get to Ideal Lake – just not the shortest from Kelowna.
Site Description:Ideal Lake is 146 ha. (361 ac.) in size and can be accessed by following the road leading south from Specs Lakes. Ideal is considered an excellent family lake providing fishermen with good quantities of smaller Rainbows. A large 30 vehicle BCFS campsite with cartop boat launching is available at the lake.

Driving Directions:Located approximately 40 km. (25 mi.) northeast of the town of Winfield. From the city of Kelowna travel north on Hwy. #97 to Winfield. Turn east onto the Beaver Lake Road. Follow this road past the Dee Lake chain and Doreen Lake. Travel onto Haddo Lake. Grizzly Swamp is located just minutes due south of Haddo – A rough access road is provided to Specs #3, – Ideal Lake can be accessed by following the road leading south from Specs Lakes. Useful link to driving directions in BC:

Ideal Lake Map to Free Camping near Kelowna