Existing management categories for recreation sites and trails include:Free Camping

  • Managed sites and trails with feesCamping and trail fees are charged where the agreement holder has proposed user fees to help offset routine maintenance costs, and where the ministry has determined that the services provided warrant the fee.  Camping fees range from $5-$12.
  • Managed sites and trails without fees – Camping and trail use is free at managed recreation sites and trails where alternative ways of recovering routine maintenance costs are available.
  • Free Camping

    howser recreation site

  • User maintained sites and trails – Camping and trail use is free at user maintained sites and trails.  Campers are encouraged to be responsible and respect the environment by keeping the sites and trails in an unspoiled condition for others to enjoy.  The ministry provides a minimum level of service at these sites (i.e., cleaning/repairing infrastructure and hazard tree abatement).  These services are not regularly scheduled, but rather occur in a reactive manner.

In 2005/06, $1.4 million will be provided for incremental road surface, brushing and infrastructure maintenance on non-industrial Forest Service roads leading to high-use recreation sites and trails.  In 2006/07, this funding will increase to $3 million.

Historical Perspective of the Forest Recreation Program – Part 1