Glenmore Hills

Private Land – enter at your own risk. FYI-this area has been a recreation area in Kelowna for years and years and I haven’t heard of anyone being prosecuted yet. Glenmore Hills hiking and biking area spans several kilometers but is quickly being overtaken by residential development.

The Glenmore Hills can be seen from anywhere in the Glenmore area. The hills are bounded by Clifton on the West and Glenmore Road on the East with Knox Mountain opposite the South end and McKinley Resevoir at the North end. As stated on a Glenmore area Real Estate website,”The area of Glenmore is located north of Highway 97, east of Gordon Road, west of Spall and Dilworth Mountain and includes St. Andrews Drive area, High Road area, and Mount Royal and Clifton Road Developments. North Glenmore is located west of Dilworth Mountain, north of Ivans Road, including Valley and Glenmore Roads and the area of land between Okanagan Lake and Highway 97 to the north boundary of the City of Kelowna, excluding Quail Ridge and McKinley Landing.

Glenmore is a mere five – ten minute drive to Downtown Kelowna, five minutes to Orchard Park Mall, 15 minutes to Kelowna General Hospital, and 20 minutes to Kelowna International Airport”.

The most visited section of Glenmore Hills is probably the areas around the Wilden Residential Development. This area is home to Hidden Lake and Still Pond and while the city has worked with the developer to create several residential parks, there are still rough trails that lead into the hills and up to the high points of Glenmore Hills.

The Glenmore Hills hiking and biking areas can also be accessed from the Blair Pond City Park area that is located on the South end of the Hills just off of Clifton by taking Rio Drive.

Probably the best access to Glenmore Hills hiking and some of the best local hiking within Kelowna city limits can be accessed by parking at the Glenmore Dog Park which is just north of the Glenmore Landfill. (Sounds bad but you hardly notice the landfill) The dog park, parking area, is on the west side of Glenmore Road and once you are parked you will see trails leading into the hills if you walk along the fence for the dog park. Take these trails that are on private land but beware of many cliffs and steep hills. A very nice trail does exist that will take take you to Stephens Coyote Regional Park (which is closed at this time) but has many paths that lead to various directions. If you explore you will find lots of wildlife and several lakes including Blue Lake.

Here are a few pics – that were taken a long time ago with a really bad camera. But they pics give you an idea of the bike jumps, ramps and hiking trails.