Glen Canyon Regional Park And Powers Creek Trails in Kelowna – Westbank area.

Glen Canyon Regional Park is 74 hectares of parkland that follows the flow of Powers Creek into Okanagan Lake. The trail is not yet continuous, please respect private property. The popular mountain bike trails are not part of the regional park but are located beside the same creek.


  • Creekside flora and fauna – (from a Tracks and Trails Blog commentwe have an excellent description of the trail from the Aberdeen Trail Head visit for more updates) -it is a very interesting trail large salix (weeping willow) everywhere and brightly colored algae in small swampy pools casting hues of lime green and orange with red bursts. also full of poison ivy.
  • Dry grasslands and cliff faces with rocky outcrops and shrubs and summer wildflowers
  • Important wildlife corridor, largely undisturbed
  • Unique geological formations like the unusual stone columns hoodoos and exposed sedimentary layers
  • Park trails allow access to views of Powers creek flowing through deep canyons, forests, and the grassland slopes

Things To Do:

Glen Canyon Regional Park provides a variety of experiences from an easy walk on the historical flume trail to the steep and more challenging trails. The trail system also varies in development from the lower reaches below the highway with stairs, bridges and walking aids to the more rustic trails in the upper section above the highway. Ensure you have appropriate clothing, footwear and equipment for hiking the trails.

Regional Parks Interpretive Programs are available by donation for school and community groups who would like to learn about our local environment and cultural history.


Historical sites include the Constable Neil Bruce Memorial at the Aberdeen Road entrance and an old irrigation flume system starting at the Blue Jay Road entrance to the park.

General Information:

Dogs must be kept on a leash within park boundaries and owners should clean up after their pets. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the hiking trails. Overnight camping or open fires are not permitted.

Help protect park vegetation and wildlife by using only designated trails. Leave only footprints and take only pictures .


Take Highway 97 south to Glenrosa Road. Access at Blue Jay Road off McGinnes Road. Access at Aberdeen Road off Webber Road. Access off Gellatly Road South, just south of the Highway at the Mailboxes. Access off Gellatly Road South at the fish ladders before Whitworth Road.

Mountain Bike Trail on Powers Creek

Heading through Westbank toward Penticton, turn right on Glenrosa Rd and then onto the Jack Pine Lake Forest Service road (unpaved) instead of continuing towards Crystal Mountain. After you turn onto Jack Pine FSR look on your right and you will see a little pull out after a about 3 km and that is the beginning of one heck of a Mountain Bike Ride. I am not sure where all the following pictures are located on the trail but I do know there are some wooden trails built close to the destination that I mentioned above.
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Glen Canyon Regional Park