Kager Lake Free Camping

Boer Mountain, Sus Ave , Miller Rd N

fees: none

Driving Directions:Take either 5th Avenue or 8th Avenue from Highway 16 in Burns Lake to meet up with Gowan Road. 5th Avenue loops into 9th Avenue, and Gowan Road will be on the right as you are coming out of the loop. 8th Avenue meets up with 9th Avenue at the top of the hill. Turn right and Gowan Road will be on the left. Once on Gowan Road, continue until you reach Boer Mountain Lookout Road. Turn left. Follow the road to the trailhead located on the right (Kager Lake is visible from the road).

The hike of Kager Lake located at the base of Boer Mountain will be an unforgettable experience of your life. The hiking trail starts from the parking lot at Kager Lake. Most of the hike is trekking through sub alpine forest that provides excellent views of the surrounding forests and lakes.

If you can manage to take your visit in the migration season, it would be a great time for birdwaching.
The Kager Lake Trail is also a destination for many outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy hiking, horseback
riding and mountain biking.

At the entrance of the parking lot, there is a small roof top boat launch for canoes. Kager Lake
has a large parking area for large RVs and Trailers, and a few tenting areas on the lakeside
trail from the parking area. Not only that, there is cedar deck and dock on the shore of the lake.

Mountain bike trails come down to Kager Lake from Boer Mountain. It is a really great
place to enjoy fishing, picnicking or snowshoeing.

Kager Lake Forest Recreation Site is maintained to BC Forest standards
Enjoy this provincial pdf trail map ofBoer Mountain Recreation Site

Interactive map to Free Camping at Kager Lake