Duo Via Lake and Christie Lake are on the Thompson Plateau at the foot of Terrace Mountain.  From Kelwona B.C., take Westside Road, just west of the William R. Bennett Bridge on Okanagan Lake, then travel past Bear Creek Provincial Park – about 1.5 km and turn left onto Bear Creek Main Forest Service Road.

At the 13 km marker, leave Bear Creek Main FSR and turn Right (North) onto Esperon Forest Service Road.

As you see the Big Horn Resevoir (Lake) on the left, look for the 24 km marker.  Turn right on Christie Main Forest Service Road just before the 24 km marker and then look for a small mountain lake on your left.  after the 26 km (on Christie Main FSR) marker you will see Duo Via Lake and if you watch carefully, you can see a trail dropping down to the lake on your left. Park and take this short hike to find a nice little free campsite.
If you continue on to Christie Lake, you may see a hidden trail that drops down to it as well and at the end of the trail you will find a beuautif picknick spot where someone has worked hard to make a very cozy resting place.  If  you turn left at the 27 km marker you can take a road (with one deactivation that would be tough to cross over in a car) around to the other side of the lakes and find more campsites there.
Jesse and friends camped at Christie Lake and then tried to bike up Terrace Mountain by taking the logging raod directly above Due Via Lake.  They soon ditched the bikes, bushwacked a km or so until they connected with the road that leads to the top.  Their report says that the effort was well worth it.  Jesse said that the 360 panorama view is the best in the Okanagan!  Their was no cell phone service available in the area.
Now you never know what strange stories you will hear when you let your teenage boys loose. One strange strange report was that when Jesse and one of his friends were out looking for a frog to eat (yes you read that right) they could not find one.  However, when they returned to the campfire, they seen a frog crawling out of the campfire and so they put him on a stick, fried him over the flames… and ate him.  Apparently he was quite tasty.
I asked Jesse if he skinned him or gutted him.  He said that they did not but just cooked the frog whole and ate him up – head and all – the entire thing!

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