Free Camping at Bose Lake in Kamloops you will enjoy 5 Campsites and be able to get there with a fpur wheel drive! You will get from there, nice Canoeing service, attractive Fishing facilities, enjoyable Boating facilities, Snowmobiling  & Great Camping opportunities.

Site Description:

The Bose Lake recreation site is located on the south side of the lake. The lake itself is situated just off the Highland Valley Copper Mine property. The recreation site was recently logged to remove mountain pine beetle damaged trees. The lake is a popular place to go fishing.

Driving Directions:

Turn north off Hwy 97C at the Highland Valley Copper Lookout. Go past viewpoint, take left turn onto Bose Lake Forest Service Road, which is 1.5 km from hwy. Total distance from hwy to Bose Lake is 10km. At first Y on the Bose Lake FSR, approximately 5 km from hwy, go right. At Y at gate, approximately 6.5 km from hwy go left up hill, approximately 1.6 km from this Y, you should be working your way down to the lake. Go around the lake approximately 3.2 km from the gate or 10 km from hwy. 4WD recommended. Please obey all signs regarding Highland Valley Copper mine property.

Free Camping at Bose Lake in Kamloops Map