At Free Camping at Big Ok Lake (Also Known As Island Lake)  you will enjoy 7 Campsites and be able to get there with a four wheel drive! You will get from there, nice Canoeing service, attractive Fishing facilities, enjoyable Boating facilities, picnicking & Great Camping opportunities.

Site Description:

The Big OK (Island Lake) recreation site is managed as a rustic experience. Although the main road to the site is 2 wheel drive accessible, the short access road is rough and rocky requiring slow driving, and careful maneuvering. The campsite itself is also very rocky, making it hard to maneuver larger camping units throughout the site. In an effort to keep the site safe and open to public use, hazardous pine beetle infected trees have been repeatedly removed. As a result, the site is now very open and prone to the wind. Found at an elevation of 1504 m, the recreation site is a popular fly-fishing destination, and the lake provides world class fly fishing. Check the BC Freshwater Sportsfishing Synopsis for current regulations at this lake.

Driving Directions:

Access is from Highway 97C between Logan Lake and Ashcroft on Laura Lake Road. Follow all signage and stay on main roads. Road access crosses through, and borders, the Highland Valley Copper Mine property. The short access road to the recreation site is rough and rocky.

Free Camping at Big OK Lake Map