A few of us wanted to go camping this weekend. Since the snow was reported to be at many of the lakes on the highlands, I decided to take a quick jaunt up to the 201 or Okanagan Falls Forest Service Road to just explore the area a bit. The area also happens to be a registered Trapline as well so I promised one of the owners, Ray Derickson, that I would report on any good spots to build a trappers cabin. Near the water falls in the video below would be a nice spot, lots of creeks and water around so securing a year round supply of fresh water shouldn’t be too hard if a well was created. A Gravity fed supply system of pipes could be created as well in this area.

The Trapline Falls, known as “Art Water Falls”, are close by and I am sure would make spectacular frozen columns in the middle of winter. There is a trail that leads to the upper portion of the falls. The trail is a very well used game trail. Many outdoorsmen have probably wandered along the trail as well just like we did in trying to get to the falls for a better look than the road above provides. To get to the base of the falls one has to clamber down a steep section of sidehill but the earth is quite loose and a hiker is able to create solid footholds as you scramble down. interestingly enough, there are about a dozen tires at the base of the falls. It appears that the love of watching things roll down hills is still live and active. I would like to spend a couple of hours to use the tires as steps in an effort to create a more permanent trail down the steep sidehill to the base of the falls.

To Reach the falls, take the 201 heading west off of the Big White Road, Then take Rabbit heading west. After one km or so, you will see a large opening on the south side of the road where a huge tree plantering camp is located. Vehicles of all types were parked along side of the road along with a 100 foot long base camp tent and 8 porta potties. Right after the camp a small road veers to the south and we took that for about one km, drove through a creek and wound up on Joe Rich Rd. We found that Joe Rich Road will go back to Big White Road….i think, and we passed a gravel pit on the way. The gravel pit was after the falls though so if you get there and you didn’t see them back track and look over the hill until you spot them. They would be quite difficult to mis. Here are a few pictures. Hope this post helps you find a nice hiking destination and if anyone reads it and discovers the perfect spot for a trappers cabin, let me know please!

Art Water Falls on Derickson Trap Line on Joe Rich Road