The wonderful thing about this place we live in is the incredible beauty and the ability to get away from it all. The solitude and privacy we find when trekking in the British Columbia outback is lovely and coveted by folks worldwide, when so many of we humans live in communities sandwiched together like the proverbial sardine! So, when one throws ones gear into a boat and find ones own bit of peace and quiet, leave me the #u@*! alone! Oops, not that my partner and I have ever been interrupted enjoying some alone time at a discreet location on one of the many Oyama Lake islands or anything!

Here are a few unspoken rules that will make everyone’s outdoor experience sweeter when camping for free on our crown land. Especially on the private uninhabited islands speckling our mountain lakes where we should be able to claim them for a night or two and be left the hell alone!

tent and campers free camping on bc lakes and islands

  1. If you see a camp. Keep going and pass it by til you find your own space.
  2. Don’t be invasive. There’s literally hundreds of other areas to explore. And you too will enjoy your space if all respect this simple rule.
  3. Leave no trace. Yeah, like none!
  4. Which means no garbage nor food leavings. It’s bad to leave your stuff – the wildlife will lose its wild – this is a big issue!
  5. Toilet. Dig a hole. Bury it. No one needs to see where you were doing your thing.
  6. That includes toilet paper.

These basic 5 tenets make for a wonderful experience for all who follow you. And keeps our time in the wild natural and free.