Loon Lake near Cranbrook

Camping at Loon Lake in Rocky Mountain District will allow you to enjoy 40 Campsites and access with a Motorhome! Canoeing , Fishing , Picnicking, Swimming & Great Camping opportunities are available. Fees:$14.00 Camping Fee Applies:May 1, 2012 – Oct 31, 2012 All Days Here are links to other Loon Lakes in BC: https://www.tracksandtrails.ca/2011/08/loon-lake-free-camping-and-fishing/ https://www.tracksandtrails.ca/2011/04/free-camping-at-loon-lake-in-rocky-mountain/ […]

Written By Clayton Kessler

On April 28, 2011

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Camping at Loon Lake in Rocky Mountain District will allow you to enjoy 40 Campsites and access with a Motorhome! Canoeing , Fishing , Picnicking, Swimming & Great Camping opportunities are available.

  • Fees:$14.00 Camping
  • Fee Applies:May 1, 2012 – Oct 31, 2012
    All Days

Here are links to other Loon Lakes in BC:



Site Description: A large, partially treed site on the south and west sides of Loon Lake. Busy in the summer. Electric motors only. Camping fees are applicable.

Driving Directions:Travelling from Cranbrook on Hwy 3, turn south on Hwy 93 at Elko. Travel south until you see the Grasmere Store. Turn right on the Grasmere/Dorr Road and travel past the small school house within the first 200 m. The access road to the recreation site is marked on the right. The road forks in the first 500 m – take the left fork and follow it until the next road junction. Take the right fork which leads to the site.

Free Camping at Loon Lake in Rocky Mountain Map


  1. Lisa

    I am the Recreation Officer for the Ministry of Forests, Lands and
    Natural Resources for the Rocky Mountain District. I wanted to let you
    know that overnight camping is not permitted in the Cranbrook
    Community Forest. As well, there is an overnight fee charged @ Loon

    • Corey

      I was researching to see if Loon Lake camping in open this yr. Is it a first come, first serve basis? What are the camping fees if this campground is open?

  2. Lisa

    All of our recreation sites are based on a first come first served.  Loon Lake recreation site (Grasmere area) is open this year and is considered a fee for service site and is managed by a site operator.  The nightly fee is $14 regular or $7 for senior/disabled.  For more information check out http://www.sitesandtrailsbc.ca

  3. Damian

    Could someone you please let me know if Loon Lake will be open for Camping this year during May Long 2012?

  4. Clayton

    Hello Damian, Sites and Trails information says that the Site Operator is Lorraine Romaniuk. I cannot find her telephone number but the number for Lisa in the Tourism Department who manages this area is 250 426 1763. I look forward to see any pictures you may get from your stay there!

  5. Darrin

    My family, along with 4 other families, just returned from 8 days at Loon Lake. Our group has been going there every year for 8 years now. It’s a fabulous spot, typically great weather, nice for small groups of people who just want to relax in the water without boats, and have some peace).

    This year was likely the last that we will go!

    The new site operator is the most miserable person I have ever encountered. “Her rules” changed daily and seemed to align with the best way to put the most dollars in “her” pocket (cash of course so I don’t know how much goes to her versus BC Tracks & Trails). She even had a partner for a couple of days and his rules differed from hers (he was very nice by the way). She double parked another family in our paid for sites on 2 separate occassions. She was unapproachable, accusing, rude, would not listen to common sense and completely ruined our vacation. The bathrooms were disgusting (not cleaned daily and we had to take our own toilet paper even after informing her several times that they were empty). She had to seek our advice on how to deal with a family of skunks that are living under one of the bathrooms (and yet did nothing about it; including not notifying the other campers that they were there).

    Now, reading all of that, you have to keep in mind that we are NOT a group of teenagers looking for the next great party and disrespecting other campers. In fact, we were a group with an average age of 40 (the youngest adult is 32; the oldest is 62), with 10 very well behaved kids aged 4 months to 14 years old. We camp, as a group, all over Western Canada an average of 30-60 nights per year in a variety of places. We are the first to offer assistance to our camping neighbours (whether it be an electric air pump to fill up an air mattress, wood to start a fire, ax, use of our “toys”, etc.). We are “clean” campers, and regularly send our kids out with garbage bags to pick up waste/litter left behind by other campers.

    I would not go back to this spot, or recommend it to others, until the “host” is removed. This was her first year. The prior hosts (Bill & Joan) were fantastic, but unfortunately decided to retire.

    • Clayton

      Thank you for communicating your camping experience so well Darrin. TracksAndTrails.ca, my hobby outdoor website is not affiliated with any government, site operator …or anyone else but myself at this time. The reason I created this website is because I not only love the outdoors but I am proud of the British Columbian network of recreation campsites, managed sites and our provincial parks. My hope has been that this site will become an information exchange for everyone who wants to enjoy BC via parks and trails with low or no cost camping and backpacking excursions. The information via pictures and comments posted on TracksAndTrails can be used to help individuals know what type of outdoor trip they will have and be able to camp in a safe manner – specially if we can tell one another of road or fire contitions etc. – So Post Lots of Camping Pictures – For the most part, Site Operators have been great – like Bill and Joan, but I am aware of negative examples and making the camping community aware of bad situations, keep site operators accountable and help us enjoy summers to the max….my heart just breaks and I truly am deeply saddened when I hear of camping experiences like yours.

      • Gerry

        Excellent site Clayton keep up the good work. I have made alot of friends camping out in BC and this is the first year that I have ever experienced anything like Lorraines antics. I truly hope that Lisa Cox , Bill Marshall deal with this site operator. The overcrowding of sites was ridiculous and the site maintenance was extremely poor. Perhaps a background check should be done before awarding contracts.

    • Curtis

      I havent been out there for five years, is the place really that busy now people end up double parked on your site? If im heading out there with 3 campers probably better look somewhere else then?

      • Clayton

        I will clarify that my last comment was in regards to recreation sites in general and the poor management of some of them – I wasn’t referring to Loon Lake, I haven’t been there. I am sure that you would be fine in acquiring a decent spot but based on Darrin’s comment, I am not certain of how well it would be managed.

    • Gerry

      We too came to camp at Loon, and this year is our last time as we have been coming out for over twenty years. Is this Lethbridge Darrin? I used to bring out tire tubes and give them out to the kids for picking up garbage in the site. I have helped people with RV issues, firewood, and even lent out tools so campers could enjoy their stay.We had to leave early due to a medical emergency and ask for a refund. Lorraine said no and when we asked if friends from Fernie, who had just arrived could have the site she replied no as well, they would have to pay ( nice way to treat local seniors).
      Lorraine is no doubt a opportunist preying upon campers. We lodged a formal complaint to the Ministry, Bill Marshall the director and to Lisa as well, and have not heard back as of yet.
      You should make all these parties aware of what is going on out there. Videos have been taken and complaints made but Lisa has a big area to monitor and can not spend all her time out babysitting Lorraine.
      Lorraine has broken almost every rule laid out by the forestry and has gone as far as tampering with the Rule sign as you enter Loon Lake removing the number of people to each site( 6 ).
      She is double charging for sites and making an enjoyable site a black mark on the campsite go to list. My sister and her husband came out from Okanagan falls and their daughter and grandkids came from Calgary. Lorraine charged this family for two sites although their was only six in total in the site. She charged for commuter cars as well.
      I had the opportunity to read a report by Bill Marshall and the cost of camping is to help defray the hosts expenses. This money goes directly to the host and is not shared with the Rec sites and trails. Lorraine must have a lot of expenses. She had too be continually asked to clean the bathrooms and would only maintain sites if her husband came out.We found feces on the bathroom seats and reported it to her and she said she would clean it when the people that did it left. We asked her what about the rest of the campers who had to use the outhouse. She did eventually clean it but then threw the feces in the lake and washed her pooper scooper in the lake as well. Real healthy envoirnment she is providing.
      I have heard from other campers and have advised them of the same process. Write a letter to all parties involved and then perhaps action will be taken.I agree with your statement that she must be removed and this will only be done with complaints.
      I hope the rest of your camping season goes better for your family, take care

  6. sam

    Was wondering how busy loon lake has been the last few years?
    I use to come out every year, ill be traveling a long distance to come this year and I don’t want.to be disappointed to show up and not be able to camp there this year I plan on being out there the ending of august.

  7. Pam

    Loon Lake August 2015, I am throughly disspaointed on how Loon Lake has become, I have camped ther for many years (20+), the camp host is terrible to deal with, my recent enocounter with Lorainne was just this past weekend (August 23,15) Letting her dog chase the farmers cows, we asked her not to let him chase the cows and she encouraged her dog to do so. Back in June we took our Grandson for a walk to the day beach side and her Dog charged us, scaring my 3 year old grandson to death. Lorainne did nothing but watch. Also with the fire ban on you would think Lorainne would try and keep the campsites clean/raked and free of litter……..the fire pits were full of cigarette butts, peanuts, garbage. I was discusted with our site and worse yet was my sister inlaws. You would think with the fireban, it would give the camp host time to clean each empty spot, (there was maybe 10 campers) I also witnessed her cleaning one of the bathrooms (which took her 30 seconds if that) There was also 4 trees down in the park, which thankfully has not caused harm to anyone, but the widow maker on the end site is quit dangerous and should be removed. I love camping at Loon and it would more enjoyable if I didn’t have a confrontation every time with Lorainne and her dog. Don’t worry Lorainne I will do your job and rake my campsite and pick up all the trash and cigarette butts next weekend when I come out…….. your obviously not going to do it. Seriosly why does she still work there?????


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