Stevens Creek enters Whatshan Lake near Fauquier BC and offers a unique outdoor opportunity. You can choose from managed Campsites and be able to get there with a two wheel drive.

Facilities:Boat Launch, Tables, Toilets

Site Operator:P 210 ENTERPRISES LTD.

Site Description:Whatshan Lake is a boating and popular fishing lake with more to offer than just big fish. In summer the lake warms up to very pleasant swimming temperature. Stevens Creek is very scenic. Whatshan Peak is directly across the lake and the Pinnacles loom in the distance. Large white pine trees shade level campsites. Some of the sites are clustered together, making them perfect for group camping. There is a day use area for picnicking and enjoying the pea gravel and sand beach.

Driving Directions:Access from the Needles Ferry: From the Needles Rest Area at the ferry terminus, travel west on Highway 6 for 4.4 km. Turn right onto the “Whatshan Lake Road”. Set your odometer. Your odometer readings will not conform to the km signs on the road. At 1.6 km turn right onto the “Whatshan Forest Service Road” also signed as the “Whatshan Access Road Revelstoke Arrow Park”. At 2.5 km stay left. From here on, you will be following the east shore of Whatshan Lake for another 23.7 km to the recreation site. At 4.2 km you will see Whatshan Lake to your left. Stay left at the junction at 14.1 km. At 15.7 km continue straight ahead. At 16.3 km you will cross White Grouse Creek on a bridge. “Branch 5” at the “30 km” road marker will be passed at 17.4 km on your odometer. Stay straight ahead. At 24.1 km on your odometer the road forks. The right fork is signed “Stevens Creek, Revelstoke & Arrow Park” stay left on the unsigned fork. Continue straight ahead for 1.9 km to the “22 km” road marker. The recreation site is on your left. Access from Arrow Park Ferry: At the ferry terminus set your odometer. From the ferry terminus travel straight ahead on the “Lower Mosquito Road”. Continue up this road for 8.9 km, taking the left fork at the “East Mosquito Road” and at “Branch 20”. Turn left onto the “Whatshan Forest Service Road”, also known as the “Stevens Road”. Reset your odometer. Continue up this road for 11.9 km. Take the right fork onto the “Branch 1” road. Reset your odometer. Travel 1.5 km to the “Whatshan Road South”. Turn left and travel 1.3 km. The recreation site is on your right.

Stevens Creek Camping