At Abbott Creek you will enjoy 14 Campsites and be able to get there with a Motorhome

Facilities:Boat Launch, Tables, Toilets

Site Description:Site has recently been expanded and upgraded. It has a nice sandy beach, good for swimming and beach activities. There are lots of other smaller, sandy beaches dotted around the lake – see if you can find them! A popular fishing lake, best in spring and fall.

Driving Directions:A couple ways to go: Head north on Highway 19. Just after Roberts Lake, about 33 km from town, turn right on to the Elk Bay road (gravel). Drive 11.3 km from the highway and you’ll come to the junction with Stella Lake Road. Turn left and follow it for another 3.2 km and you’ll reach the Stella Beach Recreation Site. Towing a large trailer back up the steep hill on the Elk Bay road may not be as easy as coming down. You might want to head home via the Rock Bay Road. From the campsite, turn left on to the Stella Lake road and follow it for 6.7 km. Turn left on to the Rock Bay road and follow it back to the highway. 40 km back to town on Highway 19.

Stella Beach Free Camping