Okanagan Highlands Trail is now the only verified route to backpack, hike, mountain bike or horse back to the summit of Little White.  A Provincial Park Ranger spoke with my son yesterday (as he was getting unstuck from the Bellevue Creek Forest Fire Access road – which will be deactivated soon) and told him that the Upper Crawford Trail has been cleared in the lower sections by her and her crew.  The Upper Crawford Trail can be accessed by hiking the dirt road found at the North end of the Bellevue Creek Trestle  for a few hundred meters and watching for the Upper Crawford Trail that leads off the road and up the mountain.

If you use the Little White Forest Service Road to access the Little White Summit, then be forwarned that it is severely deactivated for several kilometers before the Trail Head.

If you are caught on an old road within the Myra Bellevue Park Boundaries (like the forest fire access road), you may be fined up to $2000 the Park Ranger said.  At the point when she spoke to my son, she still did not have the sign up so she let him go this time. 🙂

The Okanagan Highlands Trail may also be accessed from Big Meadow Lake and Corporation Lake.  The trail from that end may have much dead fall on it making it impassable.