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Biking Mt. Hayman and alternate route.

Standing at the Grand Hotel on Kelowna’s picturesque lake front, one looks west and views a silent mountain.  Now I know mountains don’t talk, but there just doesn’t seem to be talk about the undescribable views that are found on the Mount Hayman hiking trails that lead to Hayman Lake.

Named after Mr. Hayman who captained the ferry that was used prior to 1968 and the construction of the Okanagan Floating Bridge, Mt. Hayman is a recreation area of all types.

For all the Mount Hayman hiking and biking info: see below…but first, check out these May 2010 Pictures from Nick (his comment below)


Trail Head: Heading towards Westbank from Kelowna, turn Right onto Bartley Road and go about 3.5 km. The road turns to dirt and through a residential section that says private property.  Respect the residents who do not want 4X4’s screaming through kicking up the dust and running over their livestock andbe careful.  ****See Grant’s notes on the change in the Bartley Road directions and view map to trail head here****

When you have gone about 3.5 km up Bartley Road you will see a dirt parking lot, if you miss it you will stop in about 100 feet as this forest service road has been deactivated and a large dirt pile pretty much slows you down so just back up and park. You will see the trail going up.


It would be very difficult to get really lost on Mt. Hayman. If you go too far to the East you will fall over the edge of the cliff shown below. If you go to far West you will tumble down the mountain and splash into McDougall Creek. If you stay on the trails and small 4X4 roads that that follow the ridges and if you continue to higher ground you will find Hayman Lake.  If you stay on the McDougall Rim Trail that leads along the Hayman Cliffs towards Blue Grouse Mountain, you will miss the lake but have a nice journey that leads to Bear Creek Main FSR or a really long journey that will eventually loop back 2 km upstream (up the McDougall Creek FSR – Forest Service Road) from where you parked.


Remember, the McDougall Rim Loop trail leads onto Mount Swite and across Carrot mountain and back down to the parking lot if you do not exit to Bear Creek Main. If you take that trail, I believe it is about 40 Km long. In addition to hiking and camping on Mount Hayman I have enjoyed a nice drive up Bear Creek Main to the 15 Km mark, and taken the logging road that makes the complete rim loop.

Hayman Lake

As soon as you turn off Bear Creek Main, the road winds up and over a bridge as you head towards Mount Swite.  You then continue south towards Carrot Mountain but there are a number of logging roads that branch off  so if you are hoping to make it all the way through the loop and down to McDougall Creek FSR I would highly reccomment a GPS with a few waypoints or POI’s entered into your GPS from Google Earth or other mapping system to keep you on course.


There is cell phone coverage in some of the areas so one can call home occasionally.

More Detail on Mount Hayman and McDougall Rim Trails – leave a comment below if you have more questions.