Hey !! So recently i made my way up to the field rd parking for mission creek greeway – second phase. i headed to the mission creek caves i got distracted and went to check out klo creek. word has it the greenway will soon lead right up to mission creek falls. so with a little gumption i did a few log crossings and headed east from the trail. i found it to be a nice hike down small deer trails leading to some old gold dig outs and then pebble beach. from there i continued up the creek untill i found another creek of which i do not know the name and proceeded to cross it to a very nice feil walk along the creek. my friend (lucky eyes) found a nice fossil sample on the trail and i was a little put out. the trail started to climb and we were running out of time so we headed down to get a close look at the creek. it was quite rocky and the erosional cut was awsome there we found pools deep enuf to dive in and when we looked up the creek we could hear what i assume to be the falls . im headed up there friday again and plan to get  up the rest of the way to the falls ill let you know what i find, i was told that the native band donated the land back so i hope to not get in trouble for being there. im sure the falls arn’t far i will update this weekend….chay- bushiologist!