A dream soon became reality as we packed the vehicle that would deliver us to the start of our first journey and then follow us as safety vehicles. This was to become my first practise journey. Over the 2002-2003 season we made a total of three trips. For me, this entailed two practise journeys and my qualifying journey.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Journey – The final Trip

Practice Journey Two: Naramata to Osoyoos

Practise Journey One: Carmi to Kelowna

A month after the dream was created we were finally finished the planning for our first trip.

We started 10 kilometres past Carmi Station on a Friday morning in October and started pedaling towards Kelowna. We spent the night in a cabin owned by Scouts Canada near the Myra Canyon area. The second day took us through Myra Canyon and to a forestry access road which we rode down and into Kelowna. The trip totalled approximately 90 kilometres and lasted two days.