This hike is open to anyone, originally it was scheduled for the end of June. This backpacking hike is now scheduled for departure from Cosens Bay Road, in Kalmalka Lake Provincial Park, on June 21st AM (meeting time TBA). We will obtain rides to Cosen’s Bay Road in Kalmalka Lake Provincial Park near Vernon BC and begin the hike at the beginning of the High Rim Trail (which is at the Hydro Gate).

From the Hydro Gate we will hike the High Rim trail as it leads out of the Provincial Park and head to Cosens Creek and then leave the High Rim Trail to explore Damer Lake and make shelters to stay the night. The next morning, after a hearty meal of fresh fish, we will get back on the High Rim Trail and follow it to Oyama Lake where we will catch up with our ride and head home. One of my next blogs will go over some of the supplies we consider for taking on the hike. For more BC hiking trails ideas, video and info check out