Monashee lake is a beautiful alpine lake nestled in the Monashees just past Cherryville. This hike takes you into the heart of an area known as The Pinnacles.

To reach this alpine paradise drive east of Cherryville and follow South Forks FSR off of Hwy 6. Watch out for signs posted that will direct you to the trail head. From the trail head you will hike through a cedar forest, into an alder jungle and eventually up into the alpine. In some areas the trail is difficult to follow because the area is constantly changing from rockfall and spring run-off, watching for ribbons that mark the trail should make things easier.  From Monashee lake in the later summer you can hike up to a peak between the three tallest mountains in the Pinnacles (Mt Severide, Pinnacle Peak and Pinnacle E4). From this smaller peak the view is certainly beautiful. There are two possible routes to the peak, one is easier, and one takes you on a scenic walk along a steep ridge. Just below the peak on the other side there is even a small grassy area that could be camped at, although the area must be respected because this is a delicate alpine.

For a map of the hiking routes that we took


Unfortunately the batteries to the camera that was brought died shortly into the trip so I only have pictures of and just after the trailhead.