FlyFish Lake # 1 Free Camping and flyfishing recreation site has 3 campsites and you can go to the site & enjoy marvelous camping, attractive hiking, fantastic fishing.

This is a beautiful small lily pad lined lake halfway between Kelowna and Lumby. This walk-in lake is only a couple hundred meters from the main fsr. At the road there are two tent sites with fire pits and at the lake there is a small clearing with a large fire pit. Dead wood is plentiful. Bring bug spray and your fly rod!

General directions: If coming from Kelowna Follow Beaver Lake Rd from Windfield. Take the first major right after Dee lake and drive for only a few km before finding the 2 sites and the sign “Fly Fish Lake #1 Rec Site.” Roughly 45mins from Kelowna.

While we were there the area seemed to be a rich with flora and fauna. We caught leeches and fished for the fish we saw jumping. We seemed to be competing with two loons and a large eagle who also seemed to be fishing. Relaxing by the shore was pleasant as mint was growing wild along the water.

See FlyFish # 2 post  (has map you can zoom in to see the lake as well)

FlyFish Lake # 1 Free Camping and flyfishing Interactive Map

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