Kelowna Hiking – Dilworth Mountain Park – 2100 Chilcotin Park Crescent
Kelowna Trails – Dilworth Summit ( click for google satellite map view )
Mt. Dilworth can almost be seen anywhere in Kelowna. It is located just west of the Orchard Park Mall. Dilworth Mountain is one of the high end areas for residential homes and when on the Dilworth summit you can look down and see that every 3 or 4th house has a pool in some areas! It would be a very nice place to live although the steep drive up after every fresh snow in the winter must be frustrating. This map linkshows the summit where you find a nice paved hike up a couple hundred metres to the radio tower and some incredible views of Kelowna.

View of Diworth Mountain from Kelowna

One of the shortest and maybe most beautiful hike listed here is Dilworth Mountain Park. Due to the view o the city lights, this spot is nicest in the night time, if you are feeling a little romantic…yes hike at night! (If you hike too far you will just fall over the 200 foot cliffs and have a very quick trip to the graveyard below…hey don’t worry though – everyone is dieing to get there!

View of Mount Dilworth

Right below Dilworth Mountain is Mill Creek and if you look too your left just before you cross the tracks on the way up Dilworth Dr. you will see the old farm buildings which are part of a historic gristle mill on …Mill Creek.

View from Mount Dilworth