At Amor Lake Free Camping  you will enjoy 7 Campsites and be able to get there with a two wheel drive!” You will get many facilities from there such as vary interesting Boating, Camping, Nice Canoeing & Great Fishing opportunities.

Driving Directions:

There are two ways to get to this site. From Campbell River, head north on Highway 19. Turn left on to Menzies Mainline (gravel road), roughly 14.5 km out of town. Drive for another 15 km to the junction of the Long Lake road. Turn right and follow the road for roughly 6.5 km – turn right (should be a sign) and you’ll come to the Amor Lake site 2.8 km in. Watch for logging traffic on the mainline. From Campbell River, head north on Highway 19, but head all the way to Roberts Lake. Just before the resort, turn left and follow the Blackwater Road signs. The Amor Lake site is 9 km from the highway junction.

Free Camping of Amor Lake Map