A Flannel Shirt modeled by a woman at the Rocky Mountain Flannel Company in Banff.
Flannel image used with permission from the Rocky Mountain Flannel Company.

Known as the vacation destination of the Rocky Mountains, Banff is located at an altitude of 1383 m above sea level. By contrast, Kelowna, known by tourists for its sunshine and Okanagan beaches is at an altitude of 344 m. So how is one to dress for the perfect summer vacation? A common BC tour could find one touring the Okanagan on the way to Banff and I’ve come across the perfect addition to your vacation wardrobe for this summer. Typically, I’m not one to comment on fashion, but when a logical choice like flannel can be fashionable, why not weigh in?.

Whenever I leave for the hills to camp with family, it is common to remind everyone to prepare for significant temperature swings from our hot temperatures in the valley to the high altitude temp drops in the Rocky Mountains with clothes that can be worn in layers. The interesting thing is that I’ve always liked plaid (not the same thing as flannel) and now I’ve noticed that flannel shirts are more a trend and I’m feeling a bit fashionable as I consider my pack with a long sleeve flannel shirt to be used in the campgrounds around Banff, where evenings can be quite a lot cooler than at the tugboat beach in Kelowna! To make things real easy, check out the Rocky Mountain Flannel Company as I’ve never seen such an incredible selection of all my favourite shirts!!!