Description of Spirit of 2010 Trail

The Spirit of 2010 Trail is a network of five former rail corridors, approximately 800 kilometres in length that are owned by the Province and have been converted to recreation trails for primarily non-motorized use.

Free CampingAn estimated $43 M has been invested on acquiring the trail bed and upgrading infrastructure (e.g., bridges, trestles, signage, parking facilities).

It is estimated that the Spirit of 2010 Trail will generate in excess of $10 M annually in tourism revenues that will benefit many rural communities.

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, the Ministry of Transportation, Tourism BC and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts was signed in 2007 to facilitate the development of a management plan and governance model for this world-class trail.

An Order to establish the Spirit of 2010 Trail as a recreation trail under Section 56 of the Forest and Range Practices Act under the jurisdiction of the MNRO is ready for the Minister to approve and sign.

Linkages to Government Goals

A strong recreation sites and trails program:

• promotes healthy living and physical fitness;

• fosters sustainable environmental management; and

• contributes to job creation and a strong economy

Free CampingLegislative Authority

The legislative authority for managing British Columbia’s recreation sites and

trails is set out in the Forest and Range Practices Act. (Transferred from Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts (MTCA) to the Ministry of Natural Resource Operations (MNRO) in October 2010)

Minister of Natural Resource Operations has the authority to:

• establish or cancel recreation sites and trails on Crown land;

• authorize trail and other recreation facilities proposed by the public;

• establish an order that restricts public recreation activities on Crown land in order to protect a recreation resource or resolve conflicting recreation uses;

• enter into an agreement with a person to manage a recreation site or trail; and

• establish regulations concerning the use of recreation sites and trails

The Forest Recreation Regulation enables the Minister to set user fees at recreation sites and trails to cover the cost of services provided and establishes rules concerning use.

The authority to establish recreation sites and trails will be delegated to the Assistant Deputy Minister, Provincial Operations. The remaining authorities will be delegated to the Director and Regional Managers, as was the case when the program was within MTCA