While you plan an awesome summer adventure, you’re probably considering every risk factor known to the outdoorsman / woman and then some. Every thing from chapstick to an ultra lite first aid kit to prepare you for the unexpected.

Hiker walks on Mountain Trail

Hiker walks on BC Trail

The thing is, many of us who like to hike go a little farther and a little higher every year as we seek out new backcountry challenges and we haven’t found our limit. We risk a catastrophic end to an epic trip or in the least a really annoying injury that will require us to abruptly end our trip and limp back to the beginning or to a painful end. Take my friend for example; he planned, prepared, jogged and thought he was ready for the West Coast Trail only to find himself flying via helicopter after a knee injury. I believe pre trip training and preparation of the hamstring, hip flexors and gluteal muscle groups (a long way to say the “Core”) will go a long way to keep you healthy and realize your dreams.

hamstring, hip flexors and gluteal muscle groups

hamstring, hip flexors and gluteal muscle groups

Ignore the core and you may be calling your doctor or physiotherapist after your summer adventure for relief of one of the following types of injuries that are common to hikers.

Hiking Injury Categories