Well under an hour from central Rutland and only 15km from where Postill Lake FSR becomes dirt is a lovely fair sized lake called Bullman or Moore lake. This stocked lake receives light traffic and is great for fishing both large and small rainbow trout. This lake has a few fire pits and a great spot for launching canoes and small fishing boats.


To access this lake take the second major left turn off of Postill Lake Rd. This Turn is around the 11 or 12 km marking. The road will be marked with a yellow sign; “Bullman” follow this road straight to the lake! This drive is not recommended for low clearance vehicles.


Last time I was at Bullman lake I tried setting a crayfish trap made from a tomato plant holder and baited with a fish head. However, after leaving the trap overnight I had no luck and my bait was still there. Does anyone have any advice or experience crayfish trapping in the Okanagan?