I have spent months at a time in the middle of the forest. No one for miles around. The only sounds are that of nature. It is usually cold in the mornings and at night so I always make tea. I have been making tea from plants and trees for as far back as I can remember. Now it is the only tea I will drink. The secret to making a great bush tea is to never boil the water with the ingredients in it! Boil the water first. Then add a small handfull of whatever it is you will be steeping. My favorites are white pine, balsam fir and wintergreen. The best needles to use from the tree are the light colored new growth but any will do. Not only are they refreshing they are agreat source of Vitamin C. Wintergreen contains many of the same chemicals as aspirin so it can also be used to relieve pain or headaches. You can also make tea from raspberry leaves just be sure to use very fresh or very dry leaves. Do not use wilted leaves. Sweet fern also makes a great spicy tea. Alsike clover (pinkish purple) flowers also makes a tea but I find it a bit too mellow tasting but feel free to add it to the other teas to give them a sweeter taste.
If you are looking for an cold bush drink try steeping wood sorrel (commonly called shamrock) and then letting it cool. You now have a natural lemon flavored drink. The leaves are also great to eat fresh.
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I would love to hear everyones favorite bush recipe.