British Columbia hiking trails offer almost any type of hike that an outdoor enthusiast can dream of when dreaming of the perfect backcountry escape! From gated and groomed trails to backcountry camping, you will find a hiking trail that will excede your expectations. If having a trail to mark your way is too civilzed, then British Columbia crown land offers miles and miles of wild untamed areas where you can “bushwhack” your way to your destination.

I often join small groups or take small groups into the woods for day hikes and overnight backpacking expeditions. In November of 2007 I became a Member in Training (MIT) with Central Okanagan Search and Rescue (COSAR). Currently I have passed the course and am reviewing material for my Search and Rescue Training so after encouraging you to enjoy and experience the great outdoors I now must review below the top “enemies” of survival in the event that you become lost;

  • Pain
  • Cold
  • Heat
  • Thirst
  • Hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Boredom and Loneliness
  • Insects
  • Predatory Animals

The way to conquer these enemies are with preparation and experience. So after you read the next great survival book, be sure to try a few small hikes on known trails and practice a few of the skills that you have read about prior to exploring the wild untamed B.C. outback! For example, try lighting a fire without matches… after a night of rain, build a shelter when your hands are freezing cold from high altitudes and moisture soaking into the very core of every bone in your body…. now add, hunger and fear to the situation and no matter how much you have read about survival, it will not save your life if you do not practice the skills and prepare for various situations prior any hike into the British Columbia wilderness.