While the school strike is on in British Columbia, I need to find more things to do for the kids. I thought hiking on Big White while the ski hill is shut down might be a nice change. I sent the Big White folks an email: ” I’m taking take five kids up hiking on the mountain on well marked trails only. Is there anything I should be aware of as far as parts of the mountain being closed etc?” I asked.

Here is the reply I received and thought someone else may find it helpful:

Subject: hiking


We have only one trail that is actually open to hiking.  The trail is marked with orange Inukshuks from the Village to the top of the cliff and back down to the Village again.  The  rest of the mountain is essentially closed.  Please be advised there is no patrols on the hill so be sure someone knows where you have gone and when to except you back.

Regards, Debbie

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