Following the directions to Beaver Lake Resort couldn’t get much simpler; Take Beaver Lake Road heading east from Winfield for about 17 km and park at the resort after you see the sign for

Beaver Lake Mountain Resort

Beaver Lake Resort. But wait it does get simpler, just in case you were mis-directed by some large bovine, 8 km up you are told to “hang in there, only eight km to go” by a nice sign on a pinetree. Further on, another pine tree sign states “It only feels like forever the first time” and “There is only 3km to go!” Other strategically placed markers note what you will find at the back country resort when you arrive.

When we decided to plan a July first camping trip last winter, we found that the cabins at Beaver Lake Resort were almost fully booked. After we emailed them from their Beaver Lake Mountain Resort website and told them what we needed, they emailed back a quick reply and we were set up with a booking for Elk Cabin #12.

Elk cabin is one of the few without its own dock but it is right above the nicest beach on the lake.

Beaver Lake Beach


The campers from the private camp ground and other guests made the beach a busy place. There was a large group on July 1st enjoying the beach when the fireworks went off. I was quite surprise at the half hour (or longer) amazing fireworks show. I figured ther might be a few fireworks but this show was incredible. What a perfect choice for the long weekend!

Have you ever set up a little holiday to find that you have to overlook little annoyances that could take away from the fun? Not at Elk Cabin. The reason I’m writing this post is because I was simply delighted by the quality of craftmanship put into the cabin, along with the other “little things” that made our stay special. Being that my goal was to note a few hiking trails and other camping areas from around the area during my stay, I thought that the guest book made of wood was interesting and the fact that it had the Beaver Lake Viewpoint hiking trail and Wrinkly Face Provincial Park noted on a topographic map along with the Beaver Lake fishing map was just perfect!

The perfect Guestbook holder.

hiking map

fishing map

Here is the gps track and map of the View Point Trail. This track shows the route as well to Echo Lake – however, the logging has wrecked the trail to the lake ….i think….I actually ran out of time and could not take the time to find the trail to the lake. Maybe someone can send me a gps track to post here! The Viewpoint Trail on the map below is the spur that leaves the loop near the beginning of this track and heads up to the high point. Very Nice View!

the path to the viewpoint - I had to stop my two wheel drive and hike the last hundred meters

Viewpoint Trail - all these pictures were taken on my Blackberry Curve - this was the best one of the trip!

You could see Beaver Lake on one side and Okanagan Lake on the other!

Below are a few pictures of a few of the Elk cabin features as well as other pictures from around the lakeshore that I took on my canoe ride.

There are many other resort features such as the specialty coffees that one can purchase, petting zoo, wellness center, kids playground, awesome boatdock, boat rentals and much more. Too much to cover here.