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Wonders await in Blue Hawk Mine (abandoned and dangerous)


A low elevation hike, bike or car ride that is fun and interesting as well as easy to get to when all of the hills are still covered in snow is Blue Hawk Mine on Blue Grouse Mountain.

Blue Hawk mine is located on the East slope of Blue Grouse Mountain on the West side of Okanagan Lake. The mine shaft is approximately 90 metres long. It’s now inactive, but at one time 5 metric tonnes of ore was mined yielding 560 grams of silver and 156 grams of gold.

If you want to check out the mine make sure you bring a good flashlight. You may also need some good waterproof shoes or boots. There’s normally quite a bit of water pooled at the entrance. The rest of the mine is relatively dry. The mine contains many undisturbed geological formations.

Here is a link to Blue Hawk details Wikipedia.  Directions are below.

If you geocache, you will find a cache there as well.

Blue Hawk Mine Directions;

From Westside Road take Bear Lake Main Road AKA Lambly Creek Road (Across the road from Traders Cover Park.)
Just past the timber yard, and the 7km marker turn right onto the road leading to the motocross lower pits. There are signs posted.
When you reach the parking lot turn right and go up the hill.
Keep on the same road the rest of the way but there is one turn that goes north to Terrace Mountain, it looks like a main road but don’t take it.

When you see the swamp on your right;

Continue for 0.9km past it and keep straight at the old cabin and continue for 0.5km into the clearcut area.

Keep straight at the intersection (there is now a small trail sign that says Blue Grouse and points at the road going to the top of Blue Grouse I presume.  Continue for 0.2km past the clearcut area

When you see a small road to the right that is quite steep, park and hike for a few meters,

the Blue Hawk mine is on your left going into the hillside.

Track from GPS:
Blue Hawk Mine GPS Track

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  1. abandoned and dangerous and cool. i know. i’ve been there. it’s real. bring headlamps and adventure as far in as you dare.

  2. Hello Billie! Hey, do you want to go out there tomorrow around 10ish? I will drive out and you can follow me right there. This time I will take my GPS so I can upload a track for this post. 🙂

  3. I just got back from the mine. The road is a bit mucky. If you have chains on a two wheel drive you may make it. I had a 4×4. The directions above are accurate. I have now added the GPS track. If the track doesn’t show, click the link and you will see the track right from Bear Creek Provincial Park to Blue Hawk Mine. I will upload pics tonight.

    1. hey clayton,

      I was wanting to check this mine out this sat afternoon Apr. 4th, any chance your heading out that direction and want to show us the route? Never been before and sounds a bit hard to find

  4. hi, I just went there today, aug 20th 2016 and there was about 1 foot of water on the floor so you could only enter in for 5 feet in, unless someone brings about 10 crates or skids and lays them on the floor so you can walk over them.

  5. I just wanted to add to the directions… once you pass the old cabin on the left you keep going straight on the same road for about 1 min. drive (or less) look for the small sign that says blue grouse road on the left side. you go past it, keep on the same road for about a 5 second drive. there will be a smaller walking path on your right, if you walk down it for about 10 meters there is a small area you can park a car or 2 to the right, but just continue down the steep walking path for about a 1-2 minute walk and then the path will fork off to the left, take that and you will see the mine in about 5-10 seconds. And again if someone can bring about 10 pallets to cover the floor in the back of their pick up truck on the way up there that would be so much cooler so we can actually go inside the mine. (and post on here if you have done that) thx

  6. sorry, the cabin is on your right, not left. and also the swap and clear cut forest area that are in the initial instructions are now over grown and fully treed.

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