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April is going to warm up this week – Where is the best place to hike in Kelowna

April is going to warm up this week – Where is the best place to hike in Kelowna???

Please leave a comment below on what your favourite hiking spot is in Kelowna.

One of my fav’s is Mount Hayman!

check it out!

A point on Mount Hayman overlooking Rose Valley Resevoir - You can see Mount Hayman bluffs when you look across the lake from the Grand.

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  1. For early spring my favorite trail is Pincushion Mountain in Peachland. Snow is mostly gone by March and little or no mud. Access may be a problem once the recently announced 1billion upgrade to Ponderosa Golf course gets underway so check it out now before it is gone forever. At least in it’s current rustic charm form.

  2. we are heading up here on sunday. looking for christie falls, then biking down the rim trail. any news on snow? think it’s bikable?? anyone wanna pick us up and drive us back to the trucks? or ride down with us and share a ride back up bear creek FSR??

  3. Hey there, I have been trying to fit in the time for your May 1st bike ride. I would love to help out with a vehicle but am already committed for some other work that day. I do think you may want to wait a little though. The lake is at 1400 meters and I am pretty sure there will still be a fair amount of snow.

  4. so we went on an adventure up there. i took a frined back to blue grouse mine. armed with rubber boots and flashlights we ventured to the end of the mine. maybe about 500 feet in. pretty cool in there. no snow on blue grouse. then we went up and explored around a gated tolko site and some random creek. our turn around point was the top of mcdougall rim. i forgot to load that track on to my gps, so i didnt know exactly where it was, but we drove around up there anyway. more snow in dark spots at the top, but pretty much clear. the lake is probably still frozen. pics to come mater. we tried to find a spot where the trail suppsidly crosses the road, but it looked pretty logged out, so im also wondering if the trail extension continues on anymore and if the big loop is still possible.

  5. @Darkest1 – thanks for the update on the mine! 500 feet is quite far. Specially when you consider the fact that sections of the mine have collapsed (or so I’ve heard)!

    On the McDougall Rim, I have heard that the trail dries up near before it gets to the logging road that is the same road as the entry point at around 15 km up Bear Main. I have read two reports (had to dig hard to find them) that said the trail did not exist. The rim trail would exist if you count the logging road as the trail.

    Have you driven up from McDougall Creek FSR yet? To drive up from the bottom off of McDougall Creek FSR just take a left on the bridge about 2 or 3 km past the parking area. That road takes you up Carrot Mountain and right over to Bear Main. (of course you can take the 4X4 road on the right and head up to Hayman Lake as well(if it is not washed out).

    @Fred – Can we still travel some nice trails on Pincushin?

  6. clayton… i havent been up mcdougall yet. maybe this sunday. the mine was very easy to navigate. it looked like it was in great confdition. there is some water at the opening and it is damp all they way through, but nothing really dangerous. the echo in the mine was amazing. maybe this sunday might be somewhere on the kelowna side of the lake, just to change it up a bit… any ideas? maybe FSR it to enderby or cherryville.

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