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Most Dangerous Trail in the World!

Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous hiking trail in the world could look like?

Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous hiking trail in the world could look like?

Mount Huangshan in China is a dangerous hiking trail, treacherous and exilerating.  It is uncertain as to how many have lost hold and fell to a quick death but thankfully, it has become a popular tourist attraction and is safe to traverse due to its commercialization. A tram can be taken to get adventure seekers closer to the top and safety harnesses are available for the boardwalk section shown above.

Here is a google map of Mount Huangshan location.

Details and study of Mount Huangshan (Huan Shan, Mt Huashan).
Book an adventure tour at Mount Huangshan.

Indepth descriptions and comments from people who have survived the Post a comment at the bootom of the page and get entered into the TracksAndTrails.ca $100 gift certificate that you could use at MEC – Mountain Equipment Co-op – one entry for every comment.

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  1. Thanks to Huangshan, I have a broken leg. But where is that picture from? No where on the trail looked anything like that!!!

  2. And I just realized why I never saw that image – this site is wrong. They said “Huangshan” but they mean “Huashan”. Fail.

    1. Thanks for the comment. When I researched this trail, I found that the name was spelled several ways. Please do tell the story of the broken leg and give more detail on the name mistake. I did read for several hours, look up maps etc on this because it was so interesting! The section of the trail in the picture is a short side section that you venture along then return to the main trail.

      1. Hiya, There are two separate mountains. One of them is Mt. Hua (Huashan), and the other is Mt. Huang (Huangshan). The trail you mentioned above is at Huashan.

        You can wiki both of them. They are very different mountains and at very different places.

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