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Your Favourite Hike or Backpacking Trip.

Is your favourite hike a short walk in the city park, a stroll in the regional park or a adventure multi-day backpacking trip?

Share your favourite hike, walk, backpacking thoughts in the comments below.

My favourite local hike is on the Mt. Hayman bluffs.  The Hayman point juts out over the Rose Valley Resevoir and gives you views that take your breath away. Literally!

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  1. Tracey Stonoski

    My favourite hikes are any of the summit climbs on the BC Gulf Islands, such as Mt. Parke on Mayne Island, Mt. Galiano on Galiano Island, etc. When you reach the summit, you are greeted with spectacular views.
    The China Mountains hike on Quadra Island offers twin peaks to climb.

  2. My favourite hike is the Maligne canyon in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. There is a beautiful multi-layered waterfall about midway and I could stay in that spot for hours. It is a truly refreshing place that makes me forget any worldly worries. Love it.

  3. Hello Tracey & Valerie,

    Thanks for the comments! I will be making the draw soon and emailing folks just before the draw. Everyone who wants to will be able to make another comment and get another chance to win.

    Thanks so much for more information about Rocky Mountain and Gulf Island hiking areas. I’m researching a the Northover Ridge hike in the Rockies and hope to do it August 2010.

    I should mention that you can also register for free (on the right) and post pictures if you have any good outdoor shots of your favourite areas. New Posts get 3 entries into the draw, comments get one entry each.

  4. Melissa Peters

    SO this hiking trip is not my favorite but it is diffently the one that I will remmeber for the rest of my life.
    My father and I desided to go for a hike, which we always do, We started by going over some fences and under some, I think we were on someone property. My father said to me “lets climb the top of this huge hill and hed back to the camp ground”. Well this hill was like a mauntain, the side was covered in loss rocks and at the bottom of this “hill” was a fast moving river. So we were climbing this “hill” when all of a sudden I lose my footing and slide half way down right in to the smallest shrub in the world. My father came running down the hill and slide right into me. We looked around a reliezed that that small shrub was the ONLY shrub on that “hill”. We finally make it to the top and there at the top on a fence was a Bald Eagle. It was the most amazing thing we have ever seen. Lets just say we never went climbing on any “hills” after that.

  5. Well having only been living in BC for a year I have only been on a few trails. I think my favorite so far is Elk Mountain/Thurston. I really enjoy the views of the fraser valley below and it is a great climb. I love getting a workout then have the reward at the top!! Watching the clouds come up the mountain on the eastern side was neat too. Highly recommended!!

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