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Nude or Prude – Halfway Hotsprings near Nakusp.

Nude or Prude – Halfway Hotsprings near Nakusp.

After crossing the Arrow Lakes on the Galena Bay Ferry, for free, travel towards the village of Nakusp along Highway 6 until you reach Halfway Creek which just happens to be half the way to Nakusp from Galena Bay.  Find a place to park along the FSR and grab your snowshoes and be prepared for a 11 km hike to Halfway Hotsprings.  Of course if you choose to go in summer you can drive right to the Hot Springs. View December 2012 Halfway Hotsprings pictures. (looks much more different in the snow.)

Nude or Prude

Galena Bay Free Ferry Ride

Halfway Creek is rather dry in the winter which makes it perfect for enjoying the Hot Springs

Hot water for the Hot Springs

Haphazard Hot Springs infrastructure

Infrastructure Pool of water

more Halfway pools

halfway outhouse


Halfway Hotsprings

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  1. I believe the pictures of the trip here were taken in March, we snowshoed in for about 11km from the beginning of the forest service road. The slope of the hike isn’t really too bad, there are a few hills but its definitely bearable if you take your time. The entire hike to the hotsprings is uphill untill the last few hundred meters. When we snowshoed in we followed the tracks of some xc skiers, xc skiis I imagine would have saved a lot of time and effort.

  2. Hi all,
    If a guy had to pack in gear, say in early April, would he be able to get up the trail on a KLR 650? That’s an on-road/off-road motorcycle. Would he need a snow machine?

  3. In March last year there was a foot or two of snow on the trail melting away. No clue what april would look like this year.

  4. Just wondering, if anyone is heading up there in April, could they give an update on the conditions. Few of us looking to hike up and camp there for a few days near the end of April, and we’re trying to decide if snowshoes will still be required.

  5. I’m hoping to drive up on April 8th. Could one of your party please post if thin is possible Janell? That would be much appreciated. Have fun and thank you in advance. Spencer

  6. Just went up there last weekend. You can drive easily to the 6k mark, but not much farther. Snow was melting fast though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get a lot farther by now.

  7. Thinking about heading up there this weekend, where do you turn? Having problems viewing the posted map, help please 😉

  8. Good to go – just a smidge of snow on the road at one point – but clear all the way.

    Pools by the creek were too cold – but the tub was nice.

  9. me and two friends are hiking in onn march 25 2011 its gona be a fun trip we were going to bring sleds but we wont more of a challenge cant wate i wonder if anyone is walking out there this early in the year dispite all the snow we have compared to last year

  10. I’m going to be going here in two days so I’ll be posting pictures and a review when I get back. I heard it’s supposed to be awesome!

  11. hey guys has anyone been up there mid winter? this time of year? would like to get a group together and head up but dont want to get there and find the they are too cold… is it best to just wait til spring?

  12. Hey has anyone been up there seen we received that last big snowfall in Revelstoke on Tuesday Nov. 17. I want to go to the Hot Springs tomorrow and am wondering if the road will have too much snow now!

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